Music at United Lutheran Church

ULC's pipe organThe music ministry of United Lutheran Church is passionately convergent. Our music of worship, prayer, and praise comes from many different times and places, and encompasses many styles.

Many members in the congregation participate in the music, vocally and instrumentally. The choir is open to all adult members of the church, and sings from September through May. The choir assists with all the congregational singing and presents a wide variety of special music of all styles.

In the sanctuary there is a lovely tracker action pipe organ and a fine 7-foot Steinway piano. From time to time guest singers and instrumentalists join us.

United is blessed with a creative, articulate, and opinionated congregation that sings with gusto and has a wide variety of musical tastes and preferences. Pastor Eric Dull, Music Director Philip Bayles, and the active Worship and Music Committee, with input from the congregation, select and create a wide variety of music for worship.